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Park Town Business Centre
Office Interior

IMPLANT were appointed to design the interior spaces for one of the floors in the newly built Park Town business centre in Vilnius.

The floor was to be acommodated by a startup company who’s brief was to design the office as a combination of open and private spaces that were to feel overall trasparent while at the same time offer an easy escape to privacy.
The office, therefore, was divided by light partitions broken-up by wide spanning arches providing restricted though continuous view through the office.
Rich, saturated colours and varying textures of the material palette was developed carefully to create a sophisticated and mature interior that felt calm and inspiring for concentrated work.
Rounded corners were introduced to enhance the desired spacial flow.
IMPLANT also took on the desing and production coordination of the main reception desk which is the focal point as one enters the office. Sophisticated yet slightly dreamy, designed using featuring colours and materials the desk becomes an instant statement of the overall office style.

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